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Custom Made Heating Solutions for Machine Builders

Since 1970 DIRAC Industries offers electrical heating solutions for industrial clients. Our years of experience and know-how allow us to develop and produce custom-made solutions for your specific requirements.

Our production facility in the Czech Republic has been founded to produce these custom made OEM heating elements. Our flexible machinery and trained production staff are dedicated for this purpose.


Chocolate Machines – Food processing – Bakery Oven – Coffee and Vending


Industrial Washing Machines – Industrial Ironing Machines


Heat Pumps – Radiators – Air Conditioning – Water Boilers


Bitumen Pumps – Milk Robots – Container Units – Galvanization – Elevators – Incubators – Steam Generators


Plastic Machines – Packaging


Industrial Air Dryers


Cooling Towers – Compressors – Freezers – Presentation Desks – Truck/Mobile Units


Electronic Microscopes


Sauna – Whirl Pool – Massage Tables


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No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We specialize in multiple areas of industrial heating and are experts with many years of experience. We have both the technical knowledge and capabilities to deliver any project that meets customer’s expectations.

In order to produce custom-made projects, the company DIRAC Industries dedicated an entire team of project managers, design engineers and quality engineers to develop, manufacture, customize and test any product. Once the customer is satisfied with our result, there is nothing standing in the way of high-volume production and further future modifications.

We manage each project with utmost respect to specific needs of the customer and their budget. Whether it’s a small one or a big one we will handle it with the same care and you will be informed throughout every step that leads to the final product.


Customer satisfaction is the pillar of our business. Contact us and experience yourself why so many decided to work with DIRAC Industries.

Years Established

Completed Projects

Example Products

Immersion Heaters

One of the most commonly used and efficient way how to heat up multiple different areas of liquids. Our immersion heaters are equipped with screw plug or flange and we supply them in large volumes and customizations.

Circulation Heaters

Available for multiple different applications (oil, water, gas, etc.). Possible to be equipped with screw plug or flange. Thermostat and/or limiter are mounted inside a welded pocket to give you complete control.

Bottom Plate Heaters

For multiple different frost-protection or heating applications. We can produce these in high volumes completely custom made in various shapes, sizes, and other parameters. They are water-proof and easy to install.

We’ve Been Designing and Assembling Heaters for Half-century

DIRAC Industries can rely on almost 50 years of experience in the domain of electric heating. We started as a small company focusing on domestic heating and over the years grew into the market leader in the field of electric industrial heating.  

We treat every customer equally with the highest respect and care and constantly look for the safest, most environmentally friendly and economical solution.

Share your project with us and we will provide you the necessary support during every step.

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Let’s Build Something Together

Contacting us is the first step on the way for a successful project.

But there are many other steps… if you want to see why customers choose DIRAC Industries as their partner, have a look at our work-flow.

Customer Requirements

At this stage, you can expect a full support from our sales representatives, who are the bridges between our design and construction team and your ideas.

First Draft Drawing and Customer Approval

After the idea has been thoroughly discussed and both sides agreed on the proposed solution, it’s time to create the first samples

Sample Production

The design has been finished and approved by the customer so we can fully concentrate on manufacturing the samples. We have our own modern production plant in the Czech Republic with trained staff focusing on sample production

Customer Testing: Approval or Redesign

Once the samples have been shipped we wait for the feedback. Sometimes our customers find the application has changed or the specification needs to be adjusted for new conditions

First Batch and Certification

In rare cases, our customers want to send the first batch separately

Mass Production

Our production plant enables us to produce high quantity projects so in case our customer requires more pieces of custom-made projects or wants to start a serial production line, this is not a problem

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Robert Amler

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