At DIRAC Industries we respect our customers’ needs by offering high quality products and services. We are committed to meet all environmental provisions, to avoid contamination and to protect the environment by an environmentally conscious management in terms of energy, water and emissions. Therefore DIRAC Industries extends its quality and environmental policy to all levels of the company.

The quality management system (ISO 9001 based) and the environmental policy (ISO 14001 based) are by their implementation of procedures and measurement focused on constant improvement.

The awareness and continuous training of the staff of DIRAC Industries are the key pillars to a quality-oriented and environmental friendly culture.  The integration of customers and suppliers is an indispensable lever in this operation.

If your products have to meet additional standards, we are always prepared to analyze and implement those standards.

Several major OEM customers have already audited our quality system and production facilities and rewarded us with their trust.